Broadcasting Emotions

Vivocast is the good new in television device.
TV Channel, Live TV, Connect TV, Media management and playout, TV Formats and much more...

TV in any device

It's our philosophy: put television in any possibile devide, easily and with zero configuration.
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Driving ideas with you

Vivocast is not just technology, we're ideas to drive happyness, emotions, great movies and TV formats just with you, wherever you are.
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Vivocast™ is a global offer in the world of television. We study cutting-edge device to allow you to enjoy the excitement of the TV wherever you are, with the greatest simplicity. Our goal is to bring the TV in daily life, following the new rhythms of life.


Vivocast is not only technology but especially ideas. An important part of our business is dedicated to the development of television formats, acquisition and management of rights to exciting programs, and the development of innovations in any field of modern television.


In Vivocast we always projected into the future. We love to think of future television, working with partners and amazing people, who have revolutionary ideas that can change the concept itself of television. Our goal is to turn those ideas into reality.

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